Official website of the Diocesan Shrine ROSA MYSTICA - MOTHER OF THE CHURCH, Fontanelle di Montichiari


Prayer to the Immaculate Virgin, Rosa Mystica to require Her intercession

Immaculate Virgin, Mother of Grace, Rosa Mystica,
in honor of thy Divine Son, we prostrate ourselves at your feet
to implore God’s mercy.
We beg for help and grace, not relying on any merit of ours,
but on the kindness of your motherly heart,
and confident that you will grant our urgent requests.
Hail Mary…

Rosa Mystica, Mother of Jesus,
Queen of the Holy Rosary and Mother of the Church,
Mystical Body of Christ,
we implore the gifts of unity and peace for the world parched by discord,
and the graces to convert the souls of all your erring children.
Hail Mary…

Rosa Mystica, Queen of the Apostles,
let flourish around the Eucharistic Altars
many religious and priestly vocations which,
with the holiness of lives and their burning zeal
for the salvation of the souls,
will spread throughout the world the Kingdom of your Jesus!
Fill us with your heavenly graces!

Hail Holy Queen… Rosa Mystica, Mother of the Church, pray for us.

Consecration to the Immaculate Virgin Mary

O, Immaculate Virgin, Mother of Grace,
Queen of heaven and earth,
refuge for the sinners,
Rosa Mystica, bringing God’s wonderful fragrances,
we consecrate ourselves to your Immaculate Heart.

We consecrate our hearts to You,
our souls, our families,
all that we own.

To make this consecration
effective and durable,
we renew today
our baptismal and confirmation promises
and we commit ourselves
to live like good Christians,
faithful to God, to the Church
and to the Pope.

We wish to pray the Holy Rosary,
to participate in the Holy Eucharist,
attach importance to the
first Saturday of the month,
to work for the conversion
of the sinners,
to pray for faithful priests
of your Son Jesus
and for all devoted souls to Him.

Rosa Mystica, pray for us.

Lord, grant your priests

Lord, grant your priests
a pure heart,
able to love only You;
a pure heart,
that knows no evil,
but is able to distinguish it,
to fight against it and to flee it;
a pure heart,
like that of a child,
inspired and longing for God,
Lord, grant your servants
a big heart,
open to Your thoughts
and closed for any
malicious ambition,
and for any regrettable
human competition

Lord, grant your priests
a strong heart,
prepared to cope with every difficulty,
every temptation, every weakness,
every boredom, every fatigue.

A heart, Lord, that is truly capable
to love, to understand,
to welcome, to serve,
to sacrifice,
blessed with a heart that palpitates
for Your feelings and thoughts.

Because the world needs hearts
who save and love souls
like Christ does.