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Mass Times

On this official Web Site of the Foundation Rosa Mistica Fontanelle, you can consult the Directory about the Marian cult at Fontanelle, the times of the celebrations and the new brochure entitled History and places of worship.
During the organisation of the pilgrimages, we invite everybody to follow the guidelines of the Directory.
We warmly thank you for your cooperation.

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The daily celebrations follow a provisory calendar yet. Visit our Web Site for updating. Holy Mass, Holy Rosary, Holy Confessions. 



The day of  Rosa Mistica

The 13th of each month is dedicated in a special manner to Maria Rosa Mistica, with a particular prayer preparation.
The Celebrations follow the holiday schedule.

The feast of  Rosa Mistica
The 13th July is a feast in honour of Maria Rosa Mistica.
The Celebrations follow the holiday schedule.

The Repairing Communion
The 13th October of each year, at Località Fontanelle is celebrated the Holy Repairing Communion after the Confession.
The Celebrations follow the holiday schedule.

The Hour of Grace
In the day of the Immaculate Conception, every year the faithful of Rosa Mistica practise the devotion of the Hour of Grace.  

11.00 o’clock solemn Holy Mass.
12.00 o’clock Hour of Grace

First Sunday after Easter
In the first Sunday after Easter, called Low Sunday and of the Divine Mercy
The Celebrations follow the holiday schedule.



Prayer to the Immaculate Virgin, Rosa Mistica to require Her intercession.

Immaculate Virgin, Mother of Grace, Rosa Mistica,  in honor of thy Divine Son, 

we prostrate ourselves at thy feet to implore God's mercy.

We beg for help and grace, not relying on any merit of ours, but on the kindness of thy motherly heart, and confident that thou will grant our urgent requests.

Hail  Mary…

Mother of Jesus, Queen of the Holy Rosary and Mother of the Church, Mystical Body of Christ, we implore the gifts of unity and peace for the world parched by discord, and those graces so able to convert the souls of all your children.

Hail  Mary...

Rosa Mistica, Queen of the Apostles,

let flourish  around the Eucharistic Altars several religious and priestly vocations

which, with the holiness of lives and their burning zeal for the salvation of the souls,

could spread throughout the world the Kingdom of your Jesus!

Fill us too with your heavenly favours!

Hail Holy Queen…

Rosa Mistica, Mother of the Church, pray for us.


Celebrations and Periodical Events


15:00 Confessions 
16:00 H. Rosary

15:00 Confessions
15:30 Stations of the Cross 
16:00 H. Mass

15:00 Confessions
15:30 H. Rosary
16:00 H. Mass, Pre-festive

15:00-17:00 Confessions 
15:00 Adoration
15:30 H. Rosary 

16:00 High Mass

WEDNESDAY 1° March – Ash Wednesday  - Fasting and abstinence

Beginning of  the Holy Lent

15:00 Confessions – Eucharistic Adoration
15:30 H. Rosary
16:00 H. Mass with imposition of the ashes

FRIDAY, March 3  - First Friday of the month

MONDAY,  March 13 – Monthly Marian Prayer Day

MONDAY, March 20 – Feast of St. Joseph
15:00 Confessions – Eucharistic Adoration
15:30 H. Rosary
16:00 High Mass

FRIDAY, March 24  - Prayer day for missionary martyrs

SATURDAY, March 25  - Feast of the Annunciation of the Lord
15:00 Confessions
15:30 H. Rosary
16:00 High Mass

March 26 start of summer time; timetable of the celebrations postponed by one hour.
SUNDAY, March 26
16:00 -18:00 Confessions
16:00 Adoration
16:30 H. Rosary
17:00 High Mass

April 9 : Palm Sunday - Triumphant entry of Jesus in Jerusalem
Blessing of the olive oil and H. Mass starts with the procession
16:00-18:00 Confessions 
16:00 Adoration 
16:30 H. Rosary 
17:00 High Mass

April 13:  Monthly Marian Prayer Day


- Holy Thursday: normal timetable
- Holy Friday: 15:00 Stations of the cross in remembrance of the death of our Lord
- Holy Saturday: 15:00 - 17:00 confessions; 17:00 Rosario (no H. Mass)
April 16:  Feast of Easter of Resurrection
1600:18:00 Confessions
16:00 Adoration
16:30 H. Rosary
17:00 High Mass

April 17: Day of the Angel
16:30 H. Rosary 
17:00 H. Mass

SUNDAY, April 23: First Sunday after Easter, Feast of the Divine Mercy
In remembrance of the maternal call of Rosa Mystica
09:30 prayer with the whole community
10:30 Procession
11:00 High Mass – at noon, timetable for feasts

TUESDAY, April 25: Feast of St. Mark, evangelist
16:30 Rosary
17:00 H. Mass