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The priests, the religious people and the companions of the pilgrimage groups, are kindly asked to notify in good time the Secretariat and the Responsible for worship, in order to arrange in the best possible way your reception and stay in this place of worship. 
During the organisation of the pilgrimages, we invite everybody to follow the guidelines of the Directory.  
In so doing, we can prepare your pilgrimage in an orderly, devoted and fruitful manner. 

We warmly thank you for your cooperation.

Secretariat: +39 030 964 111
Responsible for worship: +39 324 79 93 898
e-mail: info@rosamisticafontanelle.it



HOW TO REACH US: Via Madonnina, 25018 - Montichiari (BS)  Map »

For information, visits and pilgrimage booking, please write to:
Email: info@rosamisticafontanelle.it

Tel: +39 030 964111


A new foundation for managing the place of worship at Fontanelle, 22nd January 2014.  
With this decree the Bishop of Brescia, Monsignor Luciano Monari, means to define adequate regulations for the practice of the Marian worship  in Località Fontanelle, Montichiari.

Celebrations and Periodical Events

Celebrations for the month of:


Remember that from October 1 the time of celebrations will beanticipated by one hour.
Rosary will then take place at 16:00.
16:00 Solemn Mass preceded by the Rosary at 15:30.

Also this year we would like to experience the month of October with faith and devotion; it is the Marian and Missionary month, a month that begins with the liturgical memory of the small, big St. Therese of the Infant Jesus, Patroness of Missions.

From October 1 to 13,every day confessions
15:00-16:00 Confessions
15:30 Rosary
17:00 Holy Mass

13 October or second month of October
is a day of prayer in reparation of the offences and sacrileges against the Most Holy Eucharist: it is the «Worldwide Union of the Communion of Reparation». At the end of the celebrations, small blessed breads will be distributed.
09:00-12:00  Confessions
10:00  Benediction of the bread
10:30  Procession
11:00  Holy Mass
15:00  Eucharistic Adoration
15:30  Rosary and Confessions
16:00  Solemn Mass
At the end: procession and distribution of the blessed bread.

Every 4th Sunday of the month
11:30 Fr. Jude offers the Mass for the Community of Sri-Lanka.