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       Official website of the Rosa Mistica Fontanelle Foundation
A new foundation for managing the place of worship at Fontanelle, 22nd January 2014.  
With this decree the Bishop of Brescia, Monsignor Luciano Monari, means to define adequate regulations for the practice of the Marian worship  in Località Fontanelle, Montichiari.
The events occurred in Montichiari Cathedral and in Località Fontanelle Montichiari, and the messages witnessed by Pierina Gilli are currently to be considered as a pure personal experience.
This is a monthly report run from 1st January  2014 by the Foundation  Rosa Mistica Fontanelle. It is published in Italian, English, Spanish, French, Dutch and Arabian.   
The places of devotion of Rosa Mistica in Montichiari. The old hospital, the cathedral, Località Fontenelle, Pierina Gilli’s home, Pierina Gilli’s grave.
The testimonials  of miracles and marvels obtained through the intercession of Mary Rosa Mistica arrive from all over the world.

Mass Times

The priests, the religious people and the companions of the pilgrimage groups, are kindly asked to notify in good time the Secretariat and the Responsible for worship, in order to arrange in the best possible way your reception and stay in this place of worship.   



HOW TO REACH US: Via Madonnina, 25018 - Montichiari (BS)
For information, visits and pilgrimage booking, please write to: info@rosamisticafontanelle.it
Tel: +39 030 964111